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The Benefits of Drinking Cannabis Milk

By Simi Simi December 22, 2012 8579 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

CannabisWhen people mention cannabis they automatically think about marijuana, but actually the marijuana plant, or cannabis plant, does not just produce a mind altering agent. Cannabis milk cannot get you high. It does not contain the chemical known as THC; therefore it does not have the same effect. Cannabis milk is made from the cannabis seed, which is actually remarkably good for you. Cannabis milk doesn’t contain chemicals.

Cannabis seeds and cannabis oils are being quickly discovered as a fast growing health nut industry. Cannabis seeds contain the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins that your body needs in order to survive in a healthy state. Cannabis milk tastes very good and very much holds a nutty kind of flavor. The combination of the nutrients in milk and the nutrients in cannabis seeds gives you a masterful and nutritious alternative to drinking dairy.

Although marijuana, and growing the marijuana plant is illegal in the United States, the utilization of the cannabis seed and cannabis seed oil is not. In fact, many people use the cannabis seed and the oil as a nutritional supplement to give them a healthy kick or healthy boost. Cannabis milk offers important fatty acids that you need in your daily diet in order to survive. It is also easy to digest, and non-dairy for those lactose intolerant people.

Cannabis milk contains amino acids, proteins, omega3 and omega6, vitamin A, vitamins B-B12, magnesium, iron, potassium, and folic acid. It contains the agents needed to sooth inflammatory diseases like arthritis, and has been proven to help with blood circulation. You may have difficulty finding cannabis milk in a regular grocery store. There are plenty of health food stores, or more of a specialty store that will most likely carry products with cannabis seed and cannabis seed oil in them.

You also have the option of making your own batch of cannabis milk, since it does spoil easily you may not to want to buy an entire container of it if you don’t think you will use it in a few days. All you really have to do is get some cannabis seeds or cannabis seed oil. Sometimes cannabis seeds can be bought as a powder supplement. This is a great way to make your own milk. Either that or you can crush up and blend your cannabis seeds and add them to the milk. Cannabis seed oil is also a great supplement you can buy, usually in health food stores. You can simply add the cannabis seed oil directly into the milk. It will only add a slight nutty flavor and about a million nutrients to get you through your day.

The utilization of cannabis seeds and cannabis oil can have a great and healthy effect on your body and its growth. You will notice yourself starting to feel healthy and look healthy as you continue to use cannabis seeds and oil in your daily eating routines. 

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