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The Temperature Factor in Cannabis Cultivation

By nevash April 14, 2013 4034 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Getting the ideal temperature for your Cannabis crop is a very tricky thing, perhaps one of the trickiest. This is so especially if you have an indoor garden seeing as the outdoor garden has temperatures controlled by nature. In an indoor garden, the temperatures will fluctuate every now and then, partly influenced by the temperatures on the outside. Theoretically, the ideal temperature required for optimal growth is between 70 and 80 degrees. In spite of efforts to keep the temperatures in this range, farmers are well aware that there are many external factors which affect this range, causing the temperature to either go up or down.

Light has a profound effect on the temperature of the grow room

All factors held constant, Cannabis plants tend to absorb more light when the immediate environment records a high temperature, sometimes as high as 90 degrees. What’s more, increased concentration of carbon dioxide also leads to a sharp increase in the temperature, sometimes up to as high as 95 degrees. In some cases however, farmers increase the temperatures intentionally as this has previously been shown to increase the rate of growth. At this level however, the temperature value is given with the assumption that there is very high light, high quality ventilation as well as carbon dioxide concentration of 1500pm. Note that, of paramount importance, is the presence of good ventilation. This is because with increased temperature, comes the need to reduce the soaring levels of humidity.

While reducing the temperatures may be beneficial for the Cannabis crop, there are several benefits for making use of higher temperatures. Usually, temperatures are reduced when the plants have entered the flowering phase as well as to keep the potency of the buds intact. This does reduce the rate of growth, but the benefits of increased potency far outweigh a few days of reduced growth. So, how exactly do higher temperatures increase the rate of growth? The answer lies in the fact that they promote vegetative growth much faster. This is achieved by an increase in the plant’s metabolic rate, provided the optimum levels of carbon dioxide and light are present, and humidity levels controlled.

Ideally, you should not allow the temperature in the room to increase beyond 95 degrees Fahrenheit as this would lead to cellular damage of the plant. On the flipside, you must not allow the temperatures to go below 70 degrees Fahrenheit since this provides too cold an environment for the Cannabis plants to flourish. It is perfectly normal to have temperatures plummet at night, but extremes will hinder proper growth of the Cannabis plant. In the range of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the plants will go into minor shock; below this, in the 40s, the plants will ultimately die.

Learn to keep the crop warm, particularly the root system. If possible, raise your pots in an indoor garden if you suspect that the floor is sapping away some of the heat. This is common with cemented floors of an indoor grow room. The principle here is that when the temperatures are raised, the tendency of the air to contain water also improves significantly. In this regard, a higher temperature goes a long way in reducing the chances of a fungal infection.

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