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Treatment of bud rot in Cannabis

By nevash November 12, 2012 9432 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Bud rot in Cannabis plants is a prevalent problem, and will often lead to losses if not well handled. Bud rot is a fungal infection that comes about as a result of a species known as Botyritis cinerea, a species of fungi that causes death of the inner parts of the bud. If left unchecked, it has the capability to destroy a whole crop. For business, this could mean losses running into millions of dollars depending on the size of the Cannabis plantation. Even if this is not the case, the novice Cannabis farmer may get disillusioned after just the first attempt of growing this plant. Despite the fact that treatment is available, it is important that farmers identify preventive methods that help handle this problem. The first point of contact in this exercise is indoor cultivation of Cannabis. The fact that conditions are controlled in this step means that there are factors that predispose Cannabis plants to bud rot.

The first thing to consider is the use of carbon dioxide generators. These machines not only increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, they also raise the production of water vapor, in effect, increasing the humidity of the room. This is accompanied by production of heat, both of which are factors that provide ideal conditions for the fungi to thrive. To counter this, it is vital that you reduce the moisture content in the room. This can be achieved by installing a dehumidifier to get rid of this moisture and at the same time increasing the amount of heat to the optimal level. The advantage of using these appliances is that they are very cost-effective, with the only thing being that they require constant maintenance and with frequent emptying. It is for this reason that proper ventilation is important since this prevents the formation of conditions that enhance bud rot.

The treatment for this infection is multifaceted, and the first thing to do is to       the equipment used in the gardening of the plants. These tools are immersed in the alcohol solution to help in destroying the spores so that future infections are prevented. The infected bud should also be cut slightly below the affected area. Ensure that you do this in a gentle manner to avoid the spread of the infective spores. While doing this, be careful that you do not come into contact with any buds until they have also undergone sterilization. This is because if it happens, there is the risk of further infecting plants that have not been infested by the fungi. Once this is complete, the levels of humidity drop, as should the temperature. If the infection is widespread, it may be wise to reduce the waiting period prior to harvesting. This in essence means that you harvest the plants early. While it will still lead to a lower yield, it is better than losing an entire crop to the ravaging effects of the fungi. Ultimately, the best way to do this is to put in place preventive measures.


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