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Types Of Marijuana Plants

By |abelle September 4, 2012 13005 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Marijuana plants come in different types. They are also called cannabis. They are categorized into three distinct strains, usually used for medicinal purposes. There is a fourth strain that is product of hybrids.

Each of the strains is made up of several marijuana plants that possess similar sets of properties and characteristics unique to the strain. To get more information about them, read on as I try to discuss how to tell one from the others.

With roots tracing back to the Middle East and eastern Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet, the Cannabis Indica strain has been utilized in the field of medicine for some time now. It has wide, dark green leaves and this stalks. Its leaves and seeds contain high concentrations of cannabidiol or CBD, and low amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The first component affects the body in various ways, such as lowering the feelings of isolation and anxiety in social situations and the efficiency of the limbic system. In countries where weed has been legalized, indica is used for multiple sclerosis and schizophrenic symptoms treatment. It also plays an important role in controlling chronic pains. A research has found out that it could help stop the growth and spread of cancerous cells in some types of cancer.

Next up is the Cannabis Ruderalis strain, which is the least popular among the three main types. It is common in Eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia. Growers do not really cultivate this strain as it usually thrives in the wild. Because it does not need so much daylight to bud, it is very well fitted to be in areas that are colder. Actually, the ruderalis is not a medical marijuana strain, but it is used to breed other hybrids that can alternatively do the job.

Unlike the Cannabis Indica strain, the Cannabis Sativa strain has high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and low amounts of cannabidiol or CBD. It is good for the treatment of digestive and chronic pain conditions. Furthermore, studies are ongoing about the possibility of utilizing sativa’s TCH in brain trauma and other mental health problems. It basically possesses traits that are total opposites of indica’s. It is more challenging to breed this type of strain as it has a very slow rate of maturing and needs significantly more daylight to grow flowers.

Because the demand for marijuana plants has become greater over time, growers have continually thought of ways to create better strains. Cross breeding has become rampant and it has been a common practice already. It is actually very beneficial in a lot of ways. New hybrids have been found to possess CBD and THC levels of varying amounts, thus broadening the uses of weed in the field of medicine.

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