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What are some of the Cannabis strains that have a short flowering period?

By nevash March 23, 2013 8030 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

When shopping for Cannabis seeds to plant, there are many factors to be put into consideration. This is because farmers need to be aware of what they are getting themselves into, particularly if it is the first time one is venturing into Cannabis cultivation. There are many strains available, each with its own strong features. One of the most sought after trait is the periods of flowering. Any farmer would love to have a plant that takes a relatively short time to flower. This is due to the fact that a short flowering period means the crop enters maturation faster, so that it is possible to harvest more than two crops ever year (depending on the strain).


So, are you keen on getting such a strain in the shortest time possible? While this is not practically possible, Cannabis vendors are able to do the next ideal thing; and this is to provide you with high quality seeds with the said trait. It is best to do a background research on the vendor you intend to deal with. This not only gives you an assurance of the quality of products, it also gives you confidence in making deals in the future.

Listed below are just some of the Cannabis strains that are known to have a short flowering period:

The Hash Passion Cannabis strain

Genetic background: hash plant bred with the Northern Lights #1.

Variety: pure indica

Class: F1 hybrid traits

Other characteristics: this particular strain undergoes flowering quite fast, and is therefore appropriate for indoor Cannabis cultivation. it also produces a lot of resin which glistens when light is shown.

There is also a second type of Hash passion

Genetic background: this strain traces its roots to Lebanon, and is a Thai and Lebanese hybrid that has been bred with the Northern Lights #1.

Other characteristics: owing to its rich heritage, this strain has big leaves that have remarkable hues of dark green. The taste of the buds, once harvested, have a characteristic mild hash effect, thanks to the excess production of resin.

The original Afghani #1

Just as the name suggests, the strain traces its roots back to Afghanistan. Its plant has a short flowering period, and in addition to this, the plant is known for its characteristic tiny and bushy nature. The plant produces a strong odor just when it has entered flowering. This is often an important occurrence, especially for new farmers because it is indicative that the plant has entered another crucial phase.

The Afghani #1 strain has the classic indica properties, so the high that one experiences after taking this strain is testament to its properties. What’s more, since the strain has undergone true breeding, it is an ideal option for those who would like to see great returns from their crop.


While a Cannabis strain that takes a short time during the flowering stage is an advantage for farmers, it is important that other traits are also considered. In fact, it is better to have a long flowering time with the desired traits than have it the other way round.

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