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What Do You Need To Grow Marijuana Indoors?

By |abelle December 25, 2012 11177 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Growing marijuana indoors is becoming more and more popular among people who need medical marijuana for the treatment of their diseases. Many studies and research have revealed that marijuana has medicinal properties that can help treat different kinds of diseases. 

With the increase in the number of places that has legalized marijuana, it is not a surprise why more people are interested in trying their luck at growing their own marijuana indoors. The task is not that difficult so everybody wants to see if having their own indoor marijuana garden can be beneficial to them. 

If you need medical marijuana for your treatment, it might be good to look at the possibility of you having your own marijuana garden. Why? Because having your own marijuana garden gives you full and unlimited access to your medical marijuana. You also do not have to go out of the house to get your medical marijuana because your plants are indoors. 

The following are some of the tools, equipment, and supplies that you will need for your own indoor marijuana garden: 


When growing marijuana, it is a must to have good quality soil. Many marijuana growers use organic soil mixed with nutrients and additives to enhance the quality of the soil. You can buy organic soil from agricultural stores or you can also use the soil in your area but you may need to mix some additives to it to make it more suitable for marijuana plant growing. 


The marijuana seeds will be planted in pots. You have to buy three sets of pots of varying sizes. Over the course of marijuana growth, you will need to transplant the marijuana plants two times, one when they reach the vegetative stage and two when they reach the flowering stage. 

Grow lights

Indoor marijuana growing means that the marijuana plants will not be able to enjoy some sunlight. To solve this, you need to install marijuana grow lights around the room where you have setup your marijuana garden. 

There are different kinds of marijuana grow lights, and you may choose to use something that fits your budget. 

Electric fans

An indoor space does not exactly have good air circulation so it is wise to put up electric fans around the room. The electric fans will not only keep the air circulating; they will also prevent the temperature in the room from rising very rapidly.

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