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What Is Cannabis Seed Oil?

By Simi Simi November 27, 2012 3772 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

CannabisCannabis seed oil is becoming very popular because of its lots of health benefits. Cannabis was usually traded amongst nations, in the ancient time. People have numerous misconceptions regarding this substance. Moreover, it has been proscribed at different times. Still, cannabis use is illegal in many countries. Recent researches and further studies are starting to clarify how cannabis seed oil can be an advantage for our fitness.

History of Cannabis Seed Oil

Though the origins of cannabis aren’t completely obvious, it is well-known that riggings and ship sails were produced from cannabis (hemp) in the long ago. Its resistance to mold and tearing is making it a significant textile. Christopher Columbus reserved cannabis seeds on board while sailing in order that he could cultivate crops. Cannabis seed oil was utilized in Henry Ford's vehicle, but because of proscription, his work with cannabis came to a sudden stop. Moreover, cannabis seed was utilized to create safe paints in the year of 1935. However again, because of proscription, these goods were proscribed, as well as petrochemical paints were created in its place.

Grade Type

There’re 3 different grades of cannabis seed oil. Basically, this counts on the age of the cannabis oil as well as how it was processed. Nutritional grade cannabis seed oil defends against oxidation. Moreover, it has a longer life. Cannabis seed oil is utilized for nutritional purposes as well as it is frequently utilized in salad dressings. Cannabis oil applied in body care goods not only that it has little dietary value but also it is effortlessly rapt into the skin. However, its antimicrobial ingredients make it an advantageous ingredient for making shampoos as well as soaps. Traditional grade cannabis oil is quite alike to the oil applied in body care goods, since they both derive from the similar source.

Misconceptions about Cannabis Seed Oil

Cannabis seed oil derives from the similar genus of plant but you should know that this oil doesn’t have the similar compounds. Marijuana, otherwise well-known as cannabis, is illicit and this drug is utilized as a drug to get an elated feeling. This elated feeling is produced by the component THC or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabis seed oil does not have THC content, and for this reason, you will not get that elated feeling when you will use cannabis seed oil or any other cannabis products.

Health Benefits of Cannabis Seed Oil

About 500,000 people pass away every year because of coronary ailment. Diets rich in linoleic acid have abridged cholesterol levels. According to the International Study of Macro-Micronutrients and Blood Pressure, linoleic acid may assist to control and prevent high blood pressure. Cannabis seed oil is indeed rich in linoleic acid and for this reason this oil is known as one of the healthiest oils. Also, these fatty acids assist to produce healthy cell membranes as well as promote proper nervous system and brain development. Ingesting food grade cannabis oil boosts the levels of vital fatty acids in human bodies and helps to get optimal health condition. 

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Paul Molive February 13, 2013 at 5:17 AM Reply
Now cannabis can be grow quickly, cheaply and has countless items that could be produced by the plant that would lock up considerable amounts of CO2 thereby lowering the amount in the atmosphere and saving planet Earth from run away greenhouse effect.

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