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Why Are Hemp Seeds Considered Healthy?

By Simi Simi January 4, 2013 4923 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

What is hemp?

Hemp is a plant that is a close relative of the marijuana plant. Then hemp plant does not contain the active ingredient, THC in any significant amount.

Hemp is a tall leafy plant that can grow amazingly quickly. It has a fibrous stalk and can produce a huge amount of seeds.

Where is hemp grown?

Hemp is grown in many places throughout the world.Canada,ChinaandFranceare the biggest producers. Almost all ofFrancesproduction is used in the specialty paper industry. Of this the largest amount is used to make cigarette papers.

Are Hemp Seeds Considered Healthy

The largest user of hemp is theUnited States. This is ironic as the federal government in theUnited Statesprohibits the growth of hemp plants which it treats in the same way as marijuana. The largest supplier to theUnited StatesisCanadawhich sells most of its produce from its hemp crop to its southern neighbor.

What is hemp used for?

Hemp is a plant with many varied uses. The plant itself is regarded as a bio purifier and has been used in remediation efforts with soil that has been contaminated with toxic chemicals, heavy metals or radioactive particles.

Its soil health increasing ability makes it ideal as a partner crop in farms that use crop rotation. The short time to harvest, approximately four months also is highly advantageous in crop rotation. Where hemp is grown exclusively, depending on climate two or in rare cases three crops a year can be harvested.

Hemp is mainly harvested for its fibers and its seeds. The fibers are much stronger than cotton and can be used in paper or fabric production. The seeds are edible by both humans and animals. The seeds are used whole or shelled to make a number of foods which have found a market in people that are health conscious or need a balanced vegetarian diet.

Nutrition found in one serving of hemp seed (100grams)

  • Energy                                     500Kcal
  • Protein                                     23g
  • Dietary fiber                            30g
  • Sugar                                       2g
  • Fat                                           31g (saturates 3g)
  • Calcium                                   75mg
  • Iron                                         5mg    


Healthy hemp seeds

Hemp is a high protein healthy food that is also high in Vitamin A, B12, C and D. The fats in hemp seeds are mostly Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids which are present in the ideal 3:1 ratio that most nutritionists recommend.

These healthy fatty acids in hemp seeds can help with many ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. The hemp seeds contain no cholesterol and the sterols that it does have can help to lower your cholesterol level.

Hemp food ideas

While we have talked about hemp seeds, there are many other products you can get that are manufactured from this product. Hemp milk is increasing in popularity. It can help people that have allergies or reactions to cow’s milk, soy and nuts. It is said to be, a great tasting milk that is high in protein and calcium. Unsweetened hemp milk also has fewer calories than skim milk making it a great alternative.

Hemp products like hemp hearts, which are shelled hemp seeds are a great snack or healthy boost for morning cereals or a salad. Hemp meal and hemp flour are great alternatives in baking and have no gluten.

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