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Why do people smoke Cannabis?

By nevash April 24, 2013 4026 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

This is a very common question- what some of the reasons why people smoke Cannabis are. Are there valid reasons that make this a favorite pastime for many, or is there a scientific reason for wanting to do so. Recent studies have indicated that Cannabis is one of the most common drug, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. With this basis, it is interesting to note that there are several reasons why this is the most common drug in many countries across the world.

Psychological reasons which lead people to use Cannabis

The fundamental reason why Cannabis can be taken for psychological reasons could perhaps be compared to the same reason why people make impulse purchases at any one given time. It is also the same reason why some people will derive a certain kind of satisfaction from visiting certain web pages on the internet.

The scientific explanation for this revolves around a transmitter known as dopamine. Dopamine is a nerve messenger that is found in the brain and constitutes just 1 %. The interesting thing to know is that even with this seemingly small concentration, dopamine is found in the most crucial regions of the brain. How is dopamine related to Cannabis smoking?

Dopamine is usually linked to a phenomenal known as the reward system. This basically revolves around creating ‘good and satisfactory’ feelings so that a person is encouraged to do more of the same action. Dopamine is secreted in response to, among many other things, the use of drugs such as Cannabis. While its function on cannabis addiction is not clearly understood, dopamine is known to be responsible for the reason why a number of users will prefer to take Cannabis.


Perhaps this is the best explanation why an individual will start smoking Cannabis despite the fact that they are well aware of the long term- and often negative- effects. The underlying principle here is that man is wired to look for drugs which yield a great feeling, often known as a high. This is normally accompanied with what is known as a dopamine reward. Consequently, the action of Cannabis smoking is transformed into a habit as it is learned one day after another. Before you know it, one has become addicted to Cannabis.

This explanation would also suffice to give an insight into the unceasing cause that a number of Cannabis addicts experience. One minute they are bored stiff, the next they are craving Cannabis and once they have had their fix, they savor the bliss of the body buzz arising from the Cannabis. When this is repeated over a given period of time, you end up with a cycle where taking Cannabis is linked to acquiring the association, which is in turn associated with the high. The end result is that you, knowingly or unknowingly create an addict. It is for this reason that one must be very careful when medicating with Cannabis, hence creating the need to have a registered medical practitioner attend to you.

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