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Why Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

By nevash March 15, 2013 8952 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

There are two major reasons why marijuana is grown; either for consumption or breeding. If you are thinking feminized marijuana seedsabout growing cannabis for consumption, then it is important to start with feminized marijuana seeds. These types of seeds normally produce female plants which are known to contain the highest amount of THC. What’s more, female cannabis plants are known for having a uniform shape, which makes them good for limited spaces. In most cases, male plants are thrown away during the flowering phase in order to prevent pollination and also due to lack of THC rich buds. Female marijuana plants normally fail to develop trichomes when pollinated because all the energy is directed towards development of seeds so that the plant can propagate its lineage.


In light of this, feminized marijuana seeds help you as the grower to save both time and energy given that the entire crop will turn out to be females. In fact, these are the best seeds to grow for those that want to maximize on yields. Small scale marijuana growers stand to gain the most from these seeds since no unwanted males will be thrown away. In addition, those practicing guerilla farming need not to keep on going to their secret grow site in order to check for sings of male plants that have to be cut down.

 Although feminized cannabis seeds normally allow growers to have 100% female plants, there are some cases when hermaphroditic traits tend to manifest. This is often as a result of environmental factors that cause stress to the plants. In other cases, it is simply due to ineffective breeding techniques that allow feminized seeds to carry the gene for hermaphroditism. It is therefore important to search for breeders that are known to produce high quality feminized seeds when looking for a reliable seed bank.

Due to the possibility of having to deal with hermaphroditic plants, a good practice is to take cuttings from successfully planted feminized marijuana seeds. Clones normally form replicas of the mother plant with all the genetic traits remaining unchanged. This means that you can be sure that all your cannabis plants will continue to be females each time clones are taken from a mother plant and rooted.

However, future generations of clones may develop a drop in vigor and other traits such as THC potency. When this happens, growers are left no choice but to start all over again from high quality seeds. This means that planting feminized marijuana seeds is inevitable if you intend to continue growing healthy female plants. The key to having a successful plantation made up of pure females is to select a trusted breeder that has experience in producing feminized seeds. Most cannabis seed producers have their own unique formula of creating feminized marijuana seeds. As a result, some seeds may be more reliable than others. In order to judge the quality of feminized seeds, simply look out for the tendency of hermaphroditic traits showcasing in the plants. Well bred feminized cannabis seeds should produce pure females without hermaphroditic plants.

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