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Knowledge Base

What does Indica, Ruderalis and Sativa mean?

There are three species under the Cannabis genus: Indica, sativa and ruderalis.


The indica cannabis variety grows and become dense and bushy. This variety is famous for indoor growers, because it would only usually require a very small space. In general, the indica show greater levels of CBD as compared to the sativa variety. This results to a heavier and stonier high, which is also sometimes called couchlock or body stone. Plants from the Indica variety will make you feel sedated and drowsy. They can also relieve pain and induce sleep.


These are marijuana plants that are described as lanky and wide. The shape of a sativa plant is similar to that of a Christmas tree. Compared to indica, the sativa plant varieties usually have higher THC but lower CBD properties. As a result they provide a cerebral effect producing an energetic buzz, which makes you sociable, happy and trippy.


The ruderalis are cannabis plants that are stocky and short. This type of marijuana plant usually grows in Central Asia and in Europe. The ruderalis varieties do not depend on the light cycles during their flowering period. This is why the strains that are autoflowering contain ruderalis genes.