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Knowledge Base

What is the best way to germinate marijuana seeds?

There have been a lot of articles written over the best way to germinate seeds. The method using paper towel is one of the most used and each method is explained below:

Paper towel method

Soak cotton wool or paper towels in distilled water and carefully squeeze out the excess water. Place the seeds between layers of paper towels and place them between 2 plates. Regularly check them and as soon as you see tap roots, take them out and start planting them like how you normally do. Read here more about this method.

Planting directly into the soil

Generally, planting seeds directly into the soil works for almost any type of plant and that is why it’s one of the most used methods even by marijuana enthusiasts. Just plant it in your choice of soil and regularly water your plant. A saran wrap or a cling wrap may be used to cover the top portion of the plant to prevent it from drying out.

Water germination method

Just put the seeds in a glass of distilled water and place the glass in a dark and warm environment. As soon as you see taproots or when the seeds split up, you can then take them out of the glass and plant as normal.

More tips and tricks

In addition to the methods we have listed above, there are other steps you can perform which may help the taproots quickly emerge from your cannabis seeds.


This is just like the water germination method but it takes a shorter amount of time. Simply soak the seeds anywhere between 1 to 5 hours and then germinate as normal. Soaking makes the shell softer, making it easier for the taproots to grow. This technique is mostly done with older seeds.